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Martin Duenhoelter is a criminal defense and traffic attorney in Pierce County, Washington. Martin has been practicing from the same Brick and Mortar Law office for 26 years, right across from the Courthouse in downtown Tacoma. He is one of the original Lawyers to do traffic infraction defense, having defended people accused of Speeding tickets over the last 25 years.

Martin and his staff are old school. They believe in old fashioned human contact, with every client. Although we do emails and texts, we prefer a real telephone call so that there are no misunderstandings. We have found this really helps people and puts them at ease.

You need an experienced defense lawyer who understands you and delivers great results. Martin Duenhoelter does exactly that.

Martin on AVVO RATING: 4.9 stars
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Why Us?


WWith 25+ years of experience practicing law, the Tacoma defense attorney Martin Duenhoelter not only does his job the right way, he does it pleasingly well. Whether it is a traffic infraction, speeding ticket, misdemeanor charge, felony charge, or a DUI, the Tacoma lawyer knows exactly what to do and how to do it. Best of all, Martin’s approach is human!

An old school guy, Martin wants to speak directly with you. This is important to you and Martin gets that. No need to email or text different people and get communication all jumbled up. Of course digital communication, and scanning, after establishing an attorney-client relationship is fine if it works better for you.


M ost importantly, Martin Duenhoelter delivers the results you want to see, whether it’s a complete dismissal of a traffic ticket or a plea bargain with the prosecutor to a non-moving violation. He and his firm’s team are widely trusted, experienced, and are pioneers in the traffic infraction field. Martin gets cases taken care of and keeps his clients happy in the end.

Don’t try to do it yourself. Sometimes it’s better to call a lawyer – just call Martin.

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Meet the Team

Martin Duenhoelter
Martin Duenhoelter

Has been practicing law in the same location for 25 years.  Born in Germany, immigrated to the US as a child.  Graduated from Rogers High School in Puyallup, WA, and then majored in Political Science with a minor in History…

Joe Cutter
Joe Cutter

Shares the office with Martin and is an all-around great attorney, helps Martin when he goes out of town or there are too many cases that day. Formerly a US Marine, Joe lives in Seattle with his lovely wife and…


Originally from the Ukraine, Kate runs the day to day operations at the office.  Hers is the nice voice on the phone when you call.  She schedules, calendars, and sets up all the files and so much more.  She is…


Connie retired last year after 10 years of running our office.  However, Martin found it too hard not to see her so she still comes in regularly to oversee the Business end of things.  She is affectionately known as “the…

  • Best Traffic Attorney EVER!

    Martin and his team did not promise anything to us but he got my sons' red light ticket DISMISSED! He is under 18 and had a couple tickets since he has been licensed and of course it affecting our insurance. He got the ticket dismissed and also helped my cousin with a traffic ticket. Thank you Martin and Team!

    - Tara -

  • Traffic Ticket

    Martin was very honest and down to earth and he did exactly what he said for the fee negotiated i was very happy as he got my ticket dismissed

    - Brett -

  • 100% satisfied

    Martin and his staff were outstanding! He told me to mail him my ticket, and put it out of my mind. He took care of everything and I was extremely happy with the outcome. He's not only a great lawyer, but an excellent person whom I would recommend to anyone. Thanks, Martin!

    - Colleen -